lost files


one step forward b4 i spoke aloud before the crowd,

i saw your eyes fill before i could barely start

right then and there,

was the moment i fell in love with your heart

much admiration for my strength,

but in truth I was too strong for you

til the day you saw me shaking in anger as tears streamed down my face

ur fearful eyes replaced w/ an empathetic loving gaze

an unfamiliar site,

it was to my surprise that you extended your hand to mine,

clasped tight

u turned on a light.

but this was not your fight.

U learned quickly my armor was my protection,

cuz what lead up until tonight was days of feeling you smiling in my direction…

somehow i made you laugh,

i never could understand why.

but through u i felt protected.

i know to you you’re flawed,

but you gave in n allowed you 2 be my perfection

and w/ ur hand of love on my life

i was resurrected.

you turned on a light

chaos & my own fear disappeared inside

where i was lost inside

4  that time,

He gave me you.


Have you seen perfect?

For each it is what it is,

For me it is you,

Many before,

Inevitably many to come.

Have you seen perfect,

How he sits…

Some two peoples creation,

Is sometimes an unexpected gift.

I may know so many perfects,

But of you, it’s certain.

For me you are not,

And need not be my my possession.

It’s why I hope to God

I hope to God that other than him,

There’s someone he’s sent,

Worthy enough for you to be it,

Because you deserve it.

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