Rise or fall

Earlier this week Seattle Seahawks player Doug Baldwin stated that the team had discussed whether or whether not they would follow Colin Kaepernick’s lead  by kneeling in protest police brutality against black people at this Sundays game. Stating that it is a definite possibility. They instead decided to link arms and stand together—far from an act of solidarity. I was apprehensive about Baldwin’s statement because it would be very disappointing and disrespectful to some if they didn’t join in protest. I said it was  risky for him to say and would make the team look very cowardly if they didn’t follow through. I read an article tonight that stated that the Seahawks “protest” was considered an act of political cowardice. I would say that is very much correct. I would like to mention that Doug Baldwin DID tweet his support of Kaepernick’s protest last week, which I found to be very thought provoking, I just wish he would have followed his implication by actually bringing it to the field. It’s one thing to not do something. It’s another thing to voluntarily publicly say you will do something important during such a troubled and sensitive time.

While I’m not a football fan, I would like to congratulate the Miami Dolphins team, who played against the Seahawks tonight and were not afraid to make a statement before and after the game ended. There is no loss in that. Your courage and love continues to empower and inspire us all.


S/O to the rest of the players and teams representing. I know it’s hard to stand for something you know is right under such criticism and in some cases unjust consequences. You don’t want to risk the opportunity to do what you love, yet you just can’t stay silent. Every fist you raise and kneel you take speaks profoundly in the name of us all. I love and pray for us all. We are one.

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