Season 3 Reunion of Hollywood Divas ended with a raw and explicit performance from Paula Jai Parker . The actress debuted her new song “Going Down”  at the end of the show (pretty entertaining, if nothing else watch for Countess Vaughn’s facial expressions from the audience lol – no shade, though, Paula did her thing.). When Carlos King, Hollywood Divas executive director and reunion Host gave her an opportunity to talk about what her song represents, she shocks the audience when saying “I think it’s so sad that women are not owning their clit,” She follows with “This is just  my way of giving  to the suffragette movement, and to me owning my anatomy, there is nothing nasty about that to me. To tell someone to do to me what you’ve been telling me to do to you since I can remember.”

Even as someone who is generally pretty private about having these kinds of discussions, I have to say I agree with her, completely. Cis men talk/rap/sing about their parts, as well as ours, and no one bats an eye, but if a woman does it shocking, vulgar and criticized.

I believe that women should have the same rights as men (probably more), but I actually don’t own that feminist label,perhaps partially because while I myself identify as female, I don’t embody being societies picture of what a “woman” is – Still, I wholeheartedly agree that women should feel as comfortable as men do to discuss their own. Frankly, I’d prefer not to hear about other peoples sex lives, mostly because I don’t care, but I fully support women’s right to talk about theirs and in anything relation to it freely and comfortably.

This taboo stuff has been taken way too far. You can own your anatomy. Vaginas are powerful. Not just because they are strong and can give life. They serve much more purpose.

33:17 mark and on


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