lost files


It was never…

I never imagined it would be this way

I thought if we weren’t completely, 

I had hoped that,

I was almost sure that,

We’d be coming together.

I thought that out of this flower we’d unfold…

The way I believed in my stories untold,

You’d have thought I thought I lived in caves of gold.

Imagine imagination that bold!

But all along we were closed.

Somehow I was within with the mind of a child,

Passion and hope growing wild and wild.

Ready to fly.

Not knowing I was not even an inch above the ground.

But you lent me an empty hand.

In hopes that something more powerful than us was creating a master plan.

I want that.

That that came and held us down and apart,

Yet could not break our hearts,

Because somehow they found each other.

And from falling we formed and flew;

Can I please have that back?

How can we be that

And know this?

Can we be that…

What if we all could just be that?

Now that we know this.


[photo: source]

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