lost files

I wrote this a while back. It is me reflecting on some of the loves I’ve had leading up til now.

I’m thirteen and you’re everything I never knew someone could be.

The sun sheds light on a blessing like it’s never done before,

And in this brief perfection, somehow I want more.

Your care is the greatest power of healing I’ve ever known,

And I won’t understand what’s truly happened here until I’m grown.

You’re doing what I’ve always prayed what God would do,

And though we both believe,

It’s through each other we receive.

I was bundled in your comfort,

Until I crumbled in fear as I had to take it off.

That’s when I learned love hurts.

What did I do,

Did I deserve?

I’m sixteen,

The sun returns again…

I look up and it’s as though you’re walking out of heaven.

I’d never admit it, but I knew it then.

Days turn to weeks of wondering where you went,

You’re back and we become friends.

I win.

We are one and they know it,

I exude my love onto you,

So naturally you can’t help but show it.

I’m eighteen,

And you’ve taken me,

Our energy is in sync.

My potential and your credentials.

Fire and fire,

Love and lost,

Lost and found,

So high in love we almost reached the height,

To get here we fell, we flew,

But we took the tragic route down.

You rose, but never again as high as the clouds,

Me, forever broken in two.

I’m twentytwo

A little lost and so are you.

Never did I expect from a simple kiss…

Casual would be something we would try to pretend,

My friend, we’re in.

So far in before we could even begin.

We were so far out before we could end.

I’m twentyfour,

Loves pearing in again

to be continued…


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