Stop Killing Us: Terence Crutcher

I’m emoting so it’s time to vent. I saw the video by accident. I won’t be silenced. I will not abandon this particular voice inside of me. It will continue to resurface every time. It is all together heartbreaking, angering and triggering, at least I am not desensitized to it. All the naysayers and critics of Colin Kaepernick and the anthem protest will prove they are more racist then we knew was possible when they predictable STILL find some kind of justification or reason why these murderers shot him dead in the street and didn’t think twice about it. They will not acknowledge the poor judgment of the officers in the helicopter looking down and saying “Looks like a bad guy.” because all of any of them see is a Black man, with his arms in the air. He’s not a man. He’s a non-human. He was FUCKING attending to his car that broke DOWN! UNARMED! But if he was good ol’ boy (white), there’d be one come to pull over be more than willing to help. A white man shot at the police and alternative to killing him was shooting him with BEAN BAGS. GTFOH.

This country was built on the backs of black people and other people of color. Our ancestors blood sweat and tears are buried in this country and woven in stories untold. We have contributed to anything and everything that WOULD make this country great, but it’s not for us, and it never has been. We can make our lives great, but this country is not great to us. Black culture, native-american culture, everyone elses culture has  been stolen and profited off of by white people in this country. People are literally losing their shit over a national anthem that references slavery … and who tf makes up 70% of the NFL? Who dominates every major sports league and source of entertainment? BLACK PEOPLE. Everything is all gravy until we get “out of line”. When it doesn’t benefit white supremacy, it’s a problem. Society doesn’t love black people like it loves our culture and our talent. Black people, a black person as themselves has never been respected. Pipelines created to rear our children right into their non-future.

It’s crazy, because I watched some local young activists in a meeting they had to practically force city council to attend, lay everything out on the line… and not one city person wanted to talk about real solutions, with the exception of Kshama Sawant.

I hate how this makes me feel hopeless. Because I know that we are not hopeless and I know the truth – what the world sees but fears, we are beacons. Golden. Royalty. So incredibly and truly powerful and capable. But I am human, and I am wounded by the racism in this country every time we die at the hands of racism and systematic oppression.

My sister saw the video and said “Exactly. This is such a clear example of racism it’s almost unbelievable. So awful.” So true. But isn’t nearly every situation a clear example?



I hope love is felt with the family and friends of Terence Crutcher. A father of three.

We love y’all so much.


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