“And in dry eyes, tears cascade inside.”

When you’re ever growing and constantly learning sometimes you find out you weren’t correct about what you thought you knew. We have crises. We get afraid and insecure and wonder what’s happening at certain points in our lives, but it’s natural. You have to follow your heart and the voice inside. I have come to think that we’re all broken, some people just hold the pieces together better. I feel like we are bodies, carrying the pieces of what we know in our hands. All the pain, the trauma, the confusion, the strength, the lessons, the happiness, the love, the joys, the impact of our failures and successes. Things have been really hard lately. I’ve cried a lot. Which is something I don’t normally do, but I am pushing myself and I feel like there are so many tears inside of me that need out. That perhaps the tears held back all these years are waiting to be practically pressure washed out, for lack of a better description. I just want people to know that the end of the world is rarely ever near.  If you’re a perfectionist and hard on yourself like me, if you’ve been surviving all along like me.. and finally you’re not anymore, if ever doubt should find you remember that you really are in control of your destiny. Don’t give up, but take the time be healthy and well prepared and always be making steps towards better health and what your life. Your dreams and your goals. Keep a plan and push. Don’t kill yourself trying, you’re living for you. I know I’ll get it and so will you. If you’re reading this, I care and I wish you well. Be encouraged. ❤ ❤ ❤

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