This adds more to my point about white feminism and it not being inclusive. White feminists tend to portray themselves as so embattled that they have an unwillingness to learn about other types of discrimination that they are not at all affected by me. Donald Trumps comments were disgusting, but are you really shocked?  This should be the 23823489073489th thing he’s said that caused you to be so enraged. He’s in so many words called black people worthless, kicked them out of their homes, deemed Hispanic people rapists, Muslim people terrorists. The list goes on and on, and so on. So no, I am not outraged by what’s he said because how could I be surprised after what he’s said and done already? He has been repetitive and predictable. Where were y’all when people were outraged by his racist comments? I mean y’all had a stronger response to his rapey comments then when we found out he actually is a rapist, a child rapist and has pedophile and incest tendencies. You are not a feminist if you do not practice inter-sectional feminism. If you’re a feminist that doesn’t understand the difference between being a feminist who happens to be white and a white feminist, this could be useful. Donald Trump is just as dangerous to minorities as he is to all women and all people really.


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