If I can call it that. I watched it off and on throughout the hour and a half it was on and I had a few painful laughs. That shit was ridiculous. The whole entire thing was just depressing. The energy and mood in the room, the usually energetic and delusional over-confident Trump visibly discouraged. Hillary in low spirits. The first topic was just dark, to reiterate Bob Scheiffer who has been a reporter for 60 years and covered nearly everything to follow the debate with his comment “How have we come to this?” summed it up pretty well. I haven’t been living that long and I have never followed any election this closely, but it’s kind of hard for anyone not to because it’s such a joke.

I laughed pretty hard when Hillary said it’s good that Trump isn’t in charge of our legal system and Trump replied with “Yeah, because you would be in jail” and walked away in the way that he did, I won’t lie, I nearly died laughing.  Also when he told Hillary that only 3 out 39,000 of her e-mails were about her grand-kids and yoga. 

Every time I think about the allegations of Trump’s physical assaults on women I get angry. I get just as angry when I remember all of the women who  have alleged Bill Clinton has done the same things to them. And I believe every last one of those women. And although Hillary definitely brought more of the sensibility to the debate, I find her to be very hypocritical on a lot of these topics. She said that he has a history of being degrading to women, he said her husband does. Both statements were true. It is also true that Hillary Clinton did defend a rapist and has trashed many of Bill Clinton’s accusers. It’s one thing to stand beside your husband if you believe they’re innocent, which I think she’s smart enough to know better, it’s another thing to go out of your way to EMBARRASS the women who have been forced against their will. Bill Clinton is not running, but it becomes relevant when she points out Trump’s history with women, when she has shamed many women for those same things. But for Trump to invite Bill Clinton’s accusers is just another indication of how abusive his towards women. It was like the sex offender show down tonight. I don’t know why those women came for Trump, but it’s wrong.

Hillary continues to bring up Obama and the birth certificate, and I’m just as sick of hearing about the birth certificate as I am sick of hearing about her damn e-mails. I’m not sure why Hillary keeps bringing up Trumps attacks on Obama when she dragged and treated Obama very badly when she was running against him.

I see the Republicans have really pulled out, but y’all did this. So why you mad?

I don’t like when people are harsh on Hillary because she’s a woman. Sexism shouldn’t play any part in this. I personally think Trump is a waste of space, and that Hillary Clinton is a fake racist as well. Her comments about black youth being super predators and how misleading and manipulative her husband have been towards my people for so long now, I just can’t.

Trump is worse, but he’s a joke. A joke that has gone too far and NEED NOT go any further. I still can’t take him serious and can’t even comprehend the reality of him really running this country. He can’t be President. It just can’t happen.

But I don’t like Hillary either. Like at all. But Trump, it ain’t gonna happen.

There’s not much to say because there wasn’t much substance and it was all just dry and depressing… that last question though when they were asked to say something positive about each other… LOL

Hillary said Trump has great kids. I think there is truth to that Ivanka especially who is lovely and super pro-women but I wouldn’t credit him for that. How awkward was it for Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton who are friends go hug each other after their parents tear each other a part for 489749847489th time tho?

Donald nearly endorsed Hillary when he said she was a fighter and she doesn’t give up. lol

I do feel sadness for Melania. I can’t imagine being used by husband for the whole nation to see. It’s hard to think of what that woman has been through and what she’s going through and all the power he has over her. May God get her out of that situation asap.

That was so ridiculous this probably wasn’t even worth posting. Would love to have said more but there wasn’t much to say. Lets stick to politics next time. I hate politics, btw.

Bob Schieffer gave me life though  :




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