My sister in the struggle Ardo messages me in tears about Kalief mother as I am shaking in tears about it already. She says yo I saw your post and I was just thinking about Kalief this week too. We’re crying angry tears but mostly our hearts are breaking so badly. I say I am tired of these people and she’s exhausted. I said I wish I could find everyone responsible for what happened to this young man and beat the dog shit out of them. I said that. I am that angry. We’re talking about hundreds of years of being fed-up here. She says the fact that they had him in rikers at 16… left alone and abused, Pasha it hurts. Rikers is the worst prison. Not made for a child or someone falsely accused of taking someones backpack.  I tell her it really hurts. This criminal system. Ardo says all they do is murder. I agree. But they look at black folks sideways if we are not in support of the Clinton who just conveniently recently changed their stance on mass incarceration. I confess to my sister I hate the anger it brings to my heart. She said she feels me and she wonders when the tears are going to end. I know nothing else but to say not anytime soon because if we’re not crying on the outside we’re crying on the inside. We say no more other than we love each other & goodnight. Love doesn’t feel like enough tonight.


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