what i’m learning

i’m detoxing through a transition, but here are a few thoughts… x

trust, loyalty, accountability & unconditional love to me is friendship defined.

it’s a huge mistake to “care” about someone just because you want someone to care about. Care because you absolutely care, but don’t play yourself or even worse someone else.

don’t let anyone project their insecurities on to you as a way of  making you feel there are things bad about you when in reality it has nothing to do with you. don’t give into that toxicity. it is not for you.

have a healthy understanding of what actually need to take responsibility for. and do not create guilt within yourself. you’re a child of God. you don’t deserve unnecessary pain.

deal with the ignorant as though they are ignorant. taking extreme offense is taking positive energy from you that you don’t deserve. this one is hard. constant struggle.

stand strong in your values and beliefs no matter how exhausting it is when the world around you is become more and more immune to the things we should not accept.

don’t tell yourself what you can’t do.


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