what i’m learning

grief always comes back. even when you get to the point where you can positively reminisce, your soul will always long for the departed. it may not bring the overwhelming pain it was in the beginning, but if they were special enough to miss deeply, you have truly been impacted and they’re never truly lost.

if you don’t feel especially loved in the beginning of your life, you will not be receptive to it later on in life. people can love you so much and you will never truly understand why. this is something you have to work on. you deserve to feel love in it’s endless capacity.

you can love deeply and can be loved deeply back, and still be able to receive it to the extent that you give it.

the only person you have to prove anything to is yourself. you ain’t living for a mf but you.

don’t sleep on yourself. just pursue your dreams. take steps no matter what.

it’s true that hurt people hurt people.

no one can do what you need to do for you, but you.

you’re not an object. you’re a person.

hearts are what matter. souls are what matter. mostly what you can do in this world is what matters.

if you carry of the pain of the world it’s a daunting task. when you naturally care for the well being of those that suffer, and disregard and minimize that you are suffering too you cannot completely fulfill your own dreams. you have to lift yourself out of your own suffrage to really lift others out. build the foundation first.

thinking and realizing is not enough. action is everything.

mental illness is real. it is not fair, but it is a real.

family is great if you have it, but if you don’t, you have to really really work hard to love yourself and believe your worth.

some people truly care.

some people truly don’t care.

we cannot have expectations of others.

BELIEVE peoples actions. not everyone is as good hearted as they’d like to think they are or try and make us believe. we cant change that. they’re just fucked up. its not your problem.

there are a lot of fake people in this world. not everyones bad, it’s just not as important to them to care for others. but it makes the real people that much more treasurable. when you’re blessed to meet great people, do not take it for granted and hold on to them if you can’t. respect them. acknowledge them when you cross paths. learn from them bc no one can teach you like them.

no love is worthless if it’s real.

if you’re dealt a rough hand you’ve got to fight. just pick your battles and don’t fight others. but you’ve got to fight for your fucking life. flex and practice because getting to the point where you can fulfill your purpose is the fight of your life. “life’s a bitch, you got to go out and kick ass”. kick every door down.

dare to create your vision.

follow your heart and instinct. you know whats best for you.

give people the benefit of the doubt. but don’t let them cross you twice. 3 x if you think it’s worth it. after that let it go. life’s too short.

best friends are the platonic loves of your life. don’t hold back with your love & affection. it’s even more of a tragedy to lose a best than a lover.

don’t ever smile when a man tells you to.

Unwillingness to forgive is an easy way to perish your life



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