what i’m learning

lives require so much patience, practice. we are not on our own time. we have to meet ourselves where we are.

everything we do has to be for ourselves first and always. and that is not selfish. we have to be our own focus. our first priority.

achievements come in time.

aura, energy, self-protection and grounding should be a priority for the physically sensitive. we have to create our own bubbles and stay within.

outlets are a requirement to get the excess energy out.

health is in a way, everything.

respectability is problematic

we for sure are our harshest critics.

people will be people. fools will be fools.

we decide how we let it affect us.

healing remedies and practices are not crazy. sometime we have unlearn what we’ve been taught.

gotta let shit be what it is.

one of the deepest pains we can experience is the pain of our family members. we cannot own this, carry this or let it live inside of us forever. no matter how much we live.

i can know all these things, and it can mean not shi tunless i take concious effort to stay concious of it. and THAT is the challenge. actively learn.

we should not seek school because we think it’s what we’re supposed to do or bc we don’t know what to do. life is the best school, we can learn more through experience than we ever could at any university. i will continue to pursue school bc i want to in the now, but it doesn’t have to be that way and i won’t stress over it.

judgement is a root of evil.



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