November Rain: an ode to my hometown


I needed some time alone

But where I have to go to feel that most

Is the cold place I called home

Yes, I’m here in my hometown

This is something I don’t do

But with wet leaves beneath my feet

In the only place has ever really been fall

I come back from where I’ve risen tall.

The price I pay to be here,

Is feeling small.

I left here love gone and broken bonds.

Still never was I as precious and pure as when I was here.

Only here did sundresses and cowboy boots on the soft brown skinned familiar face bring ease

Only hear was I never in fear, and no one ever in fear of me

I left everything here.

But nothing left remains

Here I was most safe,

But here I was in most pain

Here I walked through fire,

Right down to the wires,

Survived running in circles caught in an awful game.

And after all, there’s no one to blame,

Because it was hard to hold candles where everything was burning up in flames

I know you wish I could still see things the way I did back then,

And I promise I still love you the same.

But nothing lasts forever,

I was only here today

To find that I’m okay

To remember who I was,

and who I am today

in the cold November Rain


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