1. Place: Ocean
  2. Person: J.H.
  3. Color: Purple
  4. Food: Soul
  5. Smell: Lilacs
  6. Book: I Hadn’t Meant To Tell You This
  7. Movie: A Time To Kill
  8. Music artist: Michael Jackson
  9. Genre of music: R&B/Soul
  10. Genre of literature: Fiction
  11. Magazine:
  12. Texture: Black hair
  13. Time of day: Early evening
  14. Day of the week: Thursdays
  15. Tumblr: None
  16. Thing to do when bored: Art
  17. Celebrity:
  18. Class in school: Arts
  19. Website other than Tumblr
  20. Drink: Shirtley Temple
  21. Precious stone: Rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds
  22. Animal: Fish
  23. Flower: Lillies
  24. Time in history: When Africans were Kings and Queens
  25. Font: Times New Roman
  26. Video game: Super Mario original
  27. TV show: Law & Order: SVU
  28. Play: A Bronx Tale
  29. Sound: Waterfalls
  30. Fruit: Mangos
  31. Vegetable: Collard Greens
  32. Store/shop: Urban Outfitters
  33. Article of clothing you own: Adidas sweat suit
  34. Fashion/style: Mix
  35. Pattern: Assorted
  36. Workout: Workin’ on it lol
  37. Quote: So many, but here’s one “All that you have is your soul”
  38. Historical figure: Harriet Tubman
  39. Boy’s name: Desmond
  40. Girl’s name: Sojourner
  41. Potato chip flavor: Sour cream & onion
  42. Meal of the day: Dinner
  43. Ice cream flavor: Chocolate
  44. Soda: 7up
  45. Popcorn flavor: Regular
  46. Season: Fall
  47. Month of the year: December
  48. Word: Inappropriate lol
  49. Disney princess: Pochahontas
  50. Insult: No favorites
  51. Joke: No favorites
  52. Cussword: F word
  53. Letter: L… love… life…
  54. YouTube channel: Burl Davis he has full episodes of “The View”
  55. Eye color: They’re all different types of beautiful.
  56. Memory: Summer of 13
  57. Dessert: Cheesecake
  58. Candy: Not big on candy but ferrero rocha chocolate
  59. Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory
  60. Lifehack: What
  61. Language: One I haven’t learned
  62. Thing to learn about: Healing
  63. Thing about you: Resilience

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