Naked Thoughts

I saw Noors lips trembling today. I don’t think he was lying when he said he’s on verge of an emotional break down. I hope he’s okay. When I think of people holding things in, I think of my mother. Maybe I should have two separate blogs, or use Medium for posts like this. Noor was angry. He literally went off on the police. It made me angry because I needed them to hold someone accountability. Noor says he did it for black and brown bodies, but I was asking them to hold someone accountable – for black and brown bodies. I can’t believe he flipped them off and cursed them out when we were there to file a complaint against a racist person. Racism angers me and I hate police much more than Noor. I know firsthand how corrupt they are. But I hate immaturity just as much. Sometimes you have to work with people you don’t want to for a purpose that benefits you. Those people are most always the police. Fuck them. Noor got me fucked up, but I won’t take it out on him. He’s upset. He’s probably dealing with the depression most of us are.

The healing process is going back and forth.

I want to go to ND for the Standing Rock protest. I really wish that could happen. I’m with my Native-American brothers and sisters in spirits, but I’d rather be beside them. Water is life. Water is even scared.



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