I’ve been told to write no matter what. Even when it’s not flowing all the way free or naturally. Even when it’s not my best. Right now is the time to keep writing. Anything. As much as possible.


This morning I thought deeply of you

Even though you’re most high

And I stood down here

As I watched a bird disappear into the sky

I poured all my honesty into you

So with you old truths died

But this morning is no ordinary morning

I hear a bell ring as Aaaliyah sings

I can actually hear you saying no more mourning

For as long as I should I live

That your greatest gift to me was not your life,

But a sad soul, spirit set free and wings untied

Blessing me with your newfound knowledge

And I breathe it painfully to try and let it apply

Assuring me no relationship is the same

But each holds significance and a chance to build one thats new

Saying no they will never be you or them,

But each of them gems, too

Saying you’re so stubborn, but one day I’ll find there was no need

That ultimately when i’m free there will have been no reason to be angry

Let them all the way inside,

I can give that of myself and not lose me

And like the trees grow with fresh growth slow,

So am I

So stop drying tears and trying to swallow dry

Let my tears fall into the earth,

each time you cry a little more pain dies

And now over and over again youll find chance to be new

And show them you for you

Saying although im missing you

I’m getting through

Blue forever

Lately I’ve been thinking about you

Wondering what you’re up to

If you still handle the rain so well

If the winds of change still excite you

When they always hurt me deeply and leave me to dwell

How many answers to life have you’ve unlocked

Or if you even know you hold the keys

Do you still sleep early and wake up with the birds

Did you ever realize how amazing you are?

Is there someone else who tells you?

Do you still always laugh or was It just me?

And hug me when people said I was crazy

You used to drive me crazy

My world was dark and chaotic

But you time and time again you came around & stopped it

Where the rest were irritating,

It’s like through you God was re-creating

And It warmed my heart when you were happy

And crushed my world when you were sad

You know I never told anyone what you did

You said it was a secret, and today it still is

It kills me how you never knew how precious you were, and so angelic

I couldn’t find the words, I was too chaotic  to tell it

And for the both of us life was hellish

You know your name means blooming

and how appropriate

You couldn’t even stop yourself

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