1. What is the single best thing that happened in the past year? I found what I needed within myself.
  2. What is the most challenging thing that happened to you in 2016? Reaching an extremely heightened level of awareness about our country and struggling to maintain hope and not fully give into anger/Not completely breaking down over the death of my friend
  3. What thing did you learn the most from this year? America
  4. What is the kindest thing you did this year? I gave love where it was desperately needed. Did you lose anyone close family member this year? I lost one of my favorite people who was much like a little sister to me.
  5. Pick three words to describe 2016. Life-changing (in many good ways), traumatic, shocking
  6. What did you do in 2016 that you never did before?
  7. Did you keep last year’s resolutions? What were they? I don’t do those.
  8. Did you travel to any interesting places in 2016? Standing Rock in Cannonball, ND was the most memorable
  9. What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016? A real vacation.
  10. Do you even believe in new year’s resolutions? Why or why not? I don’t. I think goals are important to implement, but I also think following your own guidance is most important. We know what to do. I become more accomplished when I do it that way.
  11. Do you believe that 2016 had an occurring theme for you? If so, which theme and why? Mental trauma from the injustices marginalized groups that just kept/keep happening
  12. Do you feel like 2016 went by too fast? Uh no. Too long.
  13. Did you fall in love with any new artists during the year 2016? I fell in love with a lot of songs
  14. Brag about two of your accomplishments in 2016. I don’t brag.
  15. What is the best book you read this past year? Nayirrah Waheed, salt & Jacqueline Woodson Brown Girl Dreaming
  16. What was your favorite movie this year? Difret
  17. Fill in the blank: In 2017 I will ____________. Continue to thrive & produce
  18. If you could fly anywhere in the world in 2016, where would you go? South Africa, Israel, Indonesia
  19. What was your biggest regret of 2016? I don’t do that

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