What I’m Learning

If you pay attention, you can tell the things a person has been through by their actions.

You should be your greatest responsibility. It applies to those who have children as well – you have to be so you can be the best example for your child.

Being an example is a powerful responsibility.

You can almost everything you need inside to be the best version of yourself, but you cannot reach your fullest potential if you’re not mentally, spiritually healthy.

Child abandonment/neglect can really fuck things up for you emotionally in the long run.

You can’t hide from your pain, because doing so keeps you in pain.

Habit. Developed mechanisms and distractions from acknowledging what keeps you hurting have to be identified. And you have to keep yourself in check.

It’s easy to ignore things. So it’s huge when you acknowledge them. This has been a huge issue over my life.

The way people treat you is based on the amount of personal security they have or don’t have for themselves

It will never serve or better you to entertain small minded or insecure people, it is actually the most toxic thing you can do if you do not fit into their category. Stay far away.

Having a pure love for mankind is as amazing as it is difficult. No matter how much people upset me, I feel there there was a seed planet inside me long ago that made it so there is a love within me for them will never die; Even if I wanted it to.   To love any individual first is the risk I will always take without effort. Even though it isn’t always a present feeling, it is a deep truth within me, a known fact, that a part of me was made to love all greatly. I don’t fully understand it or why it is this is a part of me  when I have learned, that past childhood this kind of a love is not commonly or naturally reciprocated among human beings.

Loving purely comes with countless disappointments and risks, but it also blesses powerfully and abundantly with many relationships and experiences to cherish and be proud of for always.

Life really is hella short. You can’t let fear play any part in it.

You have to jump at every opportunity.

“Overthinking” can be as burdening as it can be useful.

Being real is everything.

The people who look down on you will also look up at you. They’ll still feel inadequate, and you’ll still be blessed & humble.

Listening is the hardest but most benefiting thing. The more you listen, the more you’ll be glad you did. The more you’ll long to do it.

Overworking yourself can be self abuse.

Sometimes you have to abuse yourself to be where you want to be.

If you don’t love yourself you will never be able to keep inside how loved you are by others. Others can express to you anything, and you can replay it, speak it out loud, but it won’t mean anything until later on… when you begin to love yourself.

Sacrifices are needed.

Being more stressed than necessary can make you miserable.

You have to work toward your goals and not worry so much about when things will come into fruition. You just have to put the work in and know one day it’ll all pay off.

You have to meet people where you are.

Be passionate and understanding.











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