When the cover-up has had enough.

It was a full moon tonight, my friend said as tears streamed down my face. It took two decades for me crack open vulnerabilities door. I told him what does anything matter if I don’t have a family, my own bloodline. I told him I’ve been needing to cry all day, my whole life, actually. He replied:

You do have a bloodline, Lynn
You come from royalty
Like it or not you black
Your bloodline is ancient.
Your ancestors known and unknown are proud of you
Of the woman you have become
And are becoming
I know how hard it must seem right now
I know it may seem like you have no one
But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
I’m here for you and always will be
One way or another
You’re good
I swear
If you try anything crazy I’ll never forgive you
We’re in it for the long haul.
What about all them brown babies you want
What they gon’ do if you not around
You are here for a reason. And you have purpose.
You just forgot that’s all
You have gold in your veins
Ancient bloodlines
The original womban
You can cry on my shoulder if you need
You ain’t in this by yourself!
I got your back!
You just needed a reminder.
We all need one at times
Look at yourself with eyes you know your spirit deserves.
Don’t beat yourself up
The world already crazy enough as it is
Find peace in your heart
And strive for what it is you know you deserve
Peace and love

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