Not Your Strong Black Woman:

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A quick shot out to my Queens and Princesses. I know those titles come at such a cost. Don’t you forget that you’re a human. You can admit, we get tired of being strong. I know I am personally resistant to the term “strong black woman”, because it erases the fact that I am human and that I feel pain too. We have carried the burden weighing on our people for too many hundreds of years. We are human. The oppression we live doesn’t ever relieve of us of the expectations of us. If we fall we all will. Bearing the unbearable may not kill us, but it can do so internally in some ways. Just because we are the original womban doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the same freedom and space to explore whatever freedom we can. Being so incredibly strong my entire life was something I never admired about myself, because I know how that strength developed. I am agonized now, I am in pain. And I see you stand on them front lines in a day and age when we are most needed. I know I feel agonized and no one, not even I thought that would be possible. I’ve watched my armor shattering off of me. I am naked now, but I am waiting to break free into the sun and leave my footprints in the sand soon. I am forever in awe and in pain for us. I both smile and feel sorrow in my heart watching us represent. Black women, don’t you be afraid to put your crown in a safe place for a while, don’t you be afraid to be afraid lay that burden down. Life was made for us, too. I love you so much. Take some time. Hold each others places if you have to. xo





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