Can you let me let go

If it’s yes, then show me so

I’ll forget everything I know,

Start all over again,

Just let me let go so I can begin.

Can you let me be the me I know I am now,

I’ll figure it out,

I’ll write my life over,

Hand me the pen &

Just tell me how far,

So I can head for the win.

I’m gonna let go now,

Stand back,

Armor will shatter,

And the pen will splatter.

It’s  all good, I promise.

This is for the latter.

Just let me let go.

Forget everything I know.

Don’t worry,

I found out I’m forgiven.

I have all I need,

And lost all I didn’t.

I have my faith,

And just enough wisdom.

Just let me go.

I’m going to find me.

Forget everything I know.

It’s going to be so beautiful.

It’s time.

And for once it’s all for me.

I promise,

I forgot everything I know,

And this is what it’s supposed to be.

I’m going.


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